Terms of Service

These terms govern your use of Idiomatic Forest ("the Service"). These terms together with the Privacy Policy constitute the agreement between you and Idiomatic AB ("we", "our") regarding usage of the Service.

The Service

Through Idiomatic Forest, we provide a language learning platform that adapts to your proficiency level and makes your learning more efficient and engaging. The Service provides a range of learning activities, among them writing and reading practice and quizzes.


In order to provide the functionality outlined above, we collect certain personal information and data provided by you. How we collect and handle this data is described in our Privacy Policy.


We prohibit abusive behavior and reserve the right to terminate the account of anyone who exhibits such behavior. Minor infractions will result in a notice to the offender. Examples of abusive behavior include:

Rights to content provided by you

When you provide or share content through your usage of the Service, you grant us permission to store, process, modify, display and publish that content. For example, if you write a text that is covered intellectual property rights, you retain the rights but grant us permission to store and use this text throughout the Service.

If you upload content for personal use or for use by a specific group of users, you grant us the permission to store and process the content as required to provide the Service, but not to display the content to unrelated users. You may only upload such content to the Service if it is within your legal rights to do so.